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From the first contact with the customer, we immediately show our expertise, the quickness of the answers given, the information shared, the answers' accuracy.

The designing assistance is given to every customer entering in contact with us, from the Technical Offices to the private customers, never forgetting suggestions or useful information for the Solarspot systems installation.

Tubular Daylighting systems Solarspot, in fact, have been designed and manufactured in a simple, but effective way, to allow an easy installation. Our base systems are sold and delivered fully assembled, to save time on site and avoid assembling mistakes.

Obviously, the complexity of the interventions depends on the specific projects caracteristics, but our twenty-year experience is daily put at the service of people choosing Solarspot to lit his residential spaces and not only:

- designing installation 

- installation assistance

- research of better technical and economical solution

- standard sizes, always the same (possibility of interveening on products purchased and installed also twenty years ago)

- Tailor made systems

- manufacturing plants specifically developped to manufacture high quality products

- base product stock always available

- efficiency and delivery short timings


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