Why choose Solarspot®

Solarspot® Tubular Daylighting Systems are specifically designed for all daylight conditions.

Unlike some other systems available on the market, which are designed for countries with higher and more predictable sunlight levels, (systems which are actually designed to restrict daylight during the middle of the day), the Solarspot® dome system, with RIR® Fresnel lens technology, is designed to capture daylight in both sunny and cloudy conditions. This ensures that the maximum amount of available light is captured into the tube for transfer to the room below. And Solarspot’s Vegalux® tubing, with 99.7% reflectivity, ensures that light can be delivered over longer distances than any other similar system.

For the last 15 years, Solarspot daylighting systems have been used to bring daylight into homes and offices, factories and warehouses all over the world. If you’re looking to maximise the daylight into your building and reduce energy costs, with a range of five sizes of Solarspot® Daylighting Systems, there’s a Solarspot® that will suit your needs.


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